• What's Cairn Craft?

    We make tools for tasting. We design pretty decent accessories to go alongside tasting glassware from the world-famous Glencairn Crystal Studio.

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  • Cairn Craft ✖ Glencairn Crystal Studio

    We import the finest spirits tasting glassware directly from Glencairn Crystal Studio. We carry a full range of Glencairn products for your ultimate tasting experience.

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  • Cairn Craft ✖ Liquid Ministry

    We're thrilled to carry a full lineup of the highest quality sample bottles from Liquid Ministry. Made for spirits enthusiasts, by spirits enthusiasts. "Love thy neighbor, share thy bottle."

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What's in your blend?

Explore your inner blender with Cairn Craft's Infinity Decanter.

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  • The Glencairn Glass

    It's been the official whiskey tasting glass for a reason. The classic Glencairn Glass is just that – a classic.

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  • The WEE Glencairn

    The WEE is a miniature version of the classic Glencairn Glass. For smaller pours or tasting with many spirits, there's nothing quite like The WEE Glencairn.

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  • The Glencairn Rocks & Mixer

    Glencairn has used their expertise to create the ultimate glass for enjoying your spirits on the rocks or as a blended cocktail. The Glencairn Mixer is unmatched for casual imbibing.

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