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Where is the Glencairn Glassware Manufactured?

Glencairn glassware is manufactured by partners of Glencairn Crystal Studio. In most cases, Glencairn glassware is produced in manufacturing facilities located in the European Union.

Is Glencairn Glassware Lead Free?

The vast majority of Glencairn products that we carry at Cairn Craft are manufactured from Lead Free Crystal. However, The Hand Cut Crystal Glencairn and the Hand Cut Crystal Mixing & Rocks Glasses are mouth blown from 24% leaded crystal..

How do I know if my Glencairn glassware is authentic?

By purchasing from an authorized retailer such as Cairn Craft, you can always be sure that your Glencairn glassware is authentic. Every genuine Glencairn Glass has a ‘The Glencairn Glass’ stamp on its base. Due to design updates to these stamps over the years, some stamps may have different fonts depending on when they went into circulation.

Unfortunately, counterfeit Glencairn products are extremely common on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. It is always worthwhile to order your glassware from authorized retailers to be sure you're receiving glasses that are guaranteed to be safe and top quality.