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Infinity Bottle Glass Decanter

Infinity Bottle Glass Decanter

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The decanter now includes two stoppers: a hand polished solid glass stopper, as well as a tight-fitting synthetic cork with an engraved wood top.

Cairn Craft's Infinity Decanter is created for whiskey lovers to blend and experience their whiskey in new ways. It can be used simply as a beautiful decanter for sharing one whiskey at a time, or it can be used to combine multiple whiskeys from your collection to create new flavors and profiles that are based on your own taste and preferences. Many whiskey enthusiasts will pour the remaining amount from their nearly empty bottles into this decanter to create their own custom blend of whiskeys that they have enjoyed. Some enjoy keeping multiple decanters in which they blend a certain type of whiskey at a time. For example, one could have a Bourbon decanter, a Islay Scotch decanter, and a Rye decanter in which each type of whiskey would be blended. The decanter has an exceptionally heavy base and presents your whiskey in a truly luxurious way.

The decanter holds up to 1 liter (34oz) of liquid, and includes subtle engraved markings on one side in approximately 2oz increments. Each decanter is delivered with a label sheet that can be used to keep track of the individual whiskeys in your infinity blend (an oil-based pen is recommended for use on the black labels.) The decanter's stopper is made from one beautiful piece of glass engraved with the symbol of infinity. The decanter includes an additional synthetic cork for a very tight fitting seal. This provides a long lasting, air-tight seal.

  • Cairn Craft’s Infinity Decanter is designed to present your whiskey in the most elegant way with a remarkably heavy base. The decanter now includes two stoppers: a hand polished solid glass stopper individually polished for a secure, air-resistant fit within its paired decanter, as well as a tight-fitting synthetic cork with an engraved wood top.
  • MULTI-USE DESIGN – The Infinity Decanter can be used as a decanter to present your favorite whiskeys, or it can be used to create your own custom blends based on your own taste and preferences using various whiskey in your collection.
  • ENGRAVED 2 OZ. INCREMENTS – The Infinity Decanter is engraved with subtle markings at approximate 2 oz. / 60mL increments on one side. Due to the blowing process of the glass, these markings are placed in approximate capacity positions and may not represent an exact amount.
  • GIFT FOR WHISKEY LOVERS – The Infinity Decanter is the perfect gift for whiskey lovers and collectors of all levels. By experimenting with blending techniques, this gift will help the whiskey lover in your life take their hobby to the next level.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If you don’t like your Infinity Decanter for any reason, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll make it right!
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