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The Handmade Pewter Glencairn Glass

The Handmade Pewter Glencairn Glass

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New for 2024 and working in partnership with renowned Crystal Glassware Company Glencairn Crystal Studio, English Pewter Company have created a new version of The Classic Glencairn Glass that offers a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern elegance.

This is the exquisite Pewter Glencairn Crystal Glass, meticulously crafted to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. This sophisticated glassware seamlessly marries traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance, making it the perfect addition to any discerning connoisseur's collection.

Each glass features a hand crafted premium pewter base, designed to perfectly accentuate the sleek silhouette of the crystal glass. Each glass is also supplied in a luxury English Pewter Company presentation gift box and wrapped in a quality black velvet gift bag.

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  • A Fusion Of Craftsmanship

    Working in partnership with Glencairn Crystal, English Pewter Company created this glass to offer a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern elegance. Each glass features a handcrafted pewter base including EPC's signature stamp.

  • About English Pewter Company

    English Pewter Company are the UK's largest manufacturer of quality pewter giftware. Established in 1977, the family run business exports worldwide and their products can be seen in some of the worlds leading retail outlets.

  • An Exceptionally Giftable Glass

    Each Pewter Glencairn Glass is supplied in a luxury English Pewter Company presentation gift box, and is wrapped in a quality black velvet gift bag. The Pewter Glencairn glasses also fit in Glencairn's various gift & presentation box options.

The Pewter Glencairn Glass Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Pewter Glencairn Glass Manufactured?

Glencairn glassware is manufactured by partners of Glencairn Crystal Studio. In most cases, Glencairn glassware is produced in manufacturing facilities located in the European Union. After manufacture, the glasses are sent to English Pewter Company, where the premium pewter base is added by hand.

Dimensions & Specifications


Surface Diameter of 1.5 oz. Pour – 2.5 in. / 64 mm
Nosing Diameter – 1.75 in. / 44 mm
Max External Bulb Width – 2.625 in. / 67 mm
Max Internal Bulb Width – 2.5 in. / 64 mm
Top Rim Outer Diameter – 1.825 in. / 46 mm
Top Rim Inner Diameter – 1.75 in. / 44 mm
Glass Depth – 3.825 in. / 98 mm
H. Stem Diameter – 1.25 in. / 32 mm
Base Diameter – 1.825 in. / 46 mm
Total Height – 4.7 in. / 120 mm
Weight – 5.3 oz. / 150 g

Is the Pewter Glencairn Glass Lead Free?

Yes, the Original Glencairn Glass is manufactured from Lead Free Crystal. In addition, the premium pewter base is also Lead Free and consists of approximately 92% tin, 6% antimony, and 2% copper.

Is the Pewter Glencairn Glass dishwasher safe?

No, the Pewter Glencairn Glass should be washed ONLY by hand with mild dish soap. The chemicals in dishwasher detergent will react with the pewter base and will ruin the finish.

Why The Glencairn Tasting Glass Works

  • COLOR - The wide crystal bowl allows for a full appreciation of the whiskey’s color, which can indicate age, cask type, or other factors that contribute to the flavor profile.
  • NOSE - The tapering mouth captures and focuses the aroma on the nose, enhancing the experience of detecting subtle notes of vanilla, smoke, fruit, or spice.
  • BODY - The unique patented shape of the glass is designed to admire the texture, viscosity, and legs of the whisky as it swirls around.
  • PALATE - The glass fits comfortably in the hand and allows the whisky to develop over time, revealing new layers of flavor and aroma.
  • FINISH - Adding a few drops of water can open up the whiskey and release its hidden flavors. The glass is versatile enough to accommodate both neat and watered-down whisky, making it easy to savor the magic of the spirit.
  • Classic Glencairn

    The world’s favorite whisky glass. Selling over five million glasses a year, used by hundreds of distilleries and millions of people around the world.

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  • Hand-cut Crystal Glencairn

    The mouth blown and Hand-cut Crystal Glencairn Glass is the ultimate interpretation of the classic Glencairn Glass.

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  • Blind Tasting Glencairn

    The classic Glencairn Glass – now in myriad blind tasting colors! The Blind Glencairn Glasses were designed for blind whisky tasting.

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  • WEE Glencairn

    The WEE Glencairn Glass is a smaller version of the world’s favorite whiskey glass. They're perfect for tasting events or anywhere a smaller pour is best.

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