Limited Edition CairnCoins • Regions of Scottish Whisky Coin Set with 2 Glencairn Crystal Glasses, Cherry Stand, & Gift Box

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Limited to only 50 sets, this pair of CairnCoins include two 2" cast solid metal coins with an intricately detailed map showing the primary regions of Scottish Whisky. They are decorated using hardened enamel colors within the elaborately molded details. Each pair of coins includes a pair of Classic Glencairn Crystal glasses, a custom Cherry wood stand, and a Glencairn Crystal gift and storage box. 

The artwork that makes up the 3-dimensional details on the front face of each coin highlights the traditional regions of Scottish Whisky: The Highlands, The Lowlands, The Speyside Region, Islay, Campbeltown, and The Islands. These make a wonderful conversation piece, and provide an excellent resource to teach Scotch drinkers new and experienced alike about what is in their glass. The back of the coin indicates that it is 1 of only 100 limited edition coins produced, and includes an enamel-embellished ring which sits delicately on the rim of the Classic Glencairn Crystal glasses. When set atop a glass, the coins provide a barrier that protects both what's in the glass, and what might otherwise find its way into the glass. 

We're thrilled to introduce this as our first limited edition Cairn Craft product.

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